Professor David R. Winn

Senior Technology Advisor

Prof. David R. Winn has extensive experience in experimental nuclear and high energy physics, compact accelerator technologies, and wide-ranging experience in radiation detectors, electro-optics, scintillator development, thin film deposition, high speed data-acquisition R&D, data analysis and simulation software. In detector R&D work, Dr.Winn has developed: thin diamond film detectors; quartz fibers coated with thin films of BaF2; liquid core scintillating fibers; sub-ns decay liquid scintillators; high speed low energy (<10 MeV) electron accelerators; micro/nano-machined Photomultiplier tubes(PMT), Silicon micromachined MicroChannelPlates; and very large vacuum photocathode detectors. He has skills in thin film deposition, photolithographic techniques, MEMS, nanofabrication, electrochemical etching with extensive experience in the use & properties of high speed photodetectors, scintillators, low noise electronics, fiber optics, quantum optics, imaging devices, radiation damage, and very large scale projects.


 He has managed large projects funded by the DOE, and has obtained over $13 million in government funding since 1989. He has been a PI for DOE, NSF and NASA.


He has co-founded 2 high-tech companies as CTO, and obtained investment funding of $4m, and government funding of $8m. He was Assistant Professor of Physics at Harvard, and presently is Professor and (past and acting) Chair of Physics at Fairfield University. To date he has mentored 43 undergraduate students in research here or in Switzerland, and has supervised in part 7 PhD students.


He is the author or co-author of over 300 scientific and technical publications, 4 with over 500 citations, and one with over 4000 citations – considered renowned publications. He holds 8 patents, with provisionals filed.


Experiments in particle & fields, high energy and astroparticle physics include the Intensity, Energy and Cosmic Frontiers. Most recently he was one of the co-discoverers of the Higgs Boson at CERN – the so-called God Particle. Significant development work went towards SSC calorimetry, including the invention by his group at Fairfield University of the parallel Cerenkov fiber technique, tested at BNL 1992, then taken to CERN and adopted by the Large Hadron Collider Experiment CMS(joined 1994) after a technical shootout as the high raddam (>1 GRad) forward calorimeter (HF)- many of the unusual design features of HF were worked out originally by him & team at Fairfield. The current Forward Calorimeter HF quad- thin- window metal envelop high QE PMT Phase I Upgrade was proposed by him in a CMS White Paper (2009), tested with U.Iowa (2010-12) and installed 2014. The Cerenkov/dual readout Compensation Technique was invented by him c.1988 [“Compensating Hadron Calorimeters with Cerenkov Light”, D. R. Winn and W. Worstell, IEEE Trans. Nuc. Sci. Vol. NS-36, No.1, 334(1989)] and a novel new form of calorimetry, using Secondary Emission (arXiv:1308.8051). He also worked on muon colliders with Bob Palmer/BNL (1993-2003), and first suggested solenoid focusing/confining elements in the proposed muon ionization cooling system. He currently is working on CMS Phase II detector research to enable calorimeters to survive 3000 fB-1 at 5.5>?>1.5, applicable to Intensity & even Cosmic Frontiers.


His career so far has included hybrid bubble-spark chamber experiment for K, p inclusive reactions (E2B at Fermilab). Harvard Penn Wisconsin neutrino experiment at Fermilab(E1A/E310; ~1Coulomb of protons on target); the Harvard Purdue Wisconsin Proton Decay Experiment in Park City where limits on p->mu+x were measured, as well as upward-going atmospheric neutrino muons and muon bundles; Muon (g-2) - E821 at BNL/ ~2.8 sigma discrepancy from the present Standard Model calculations; and other nuclear and high energy detector R&D.



Academic Background


Prof. Winn attended Caltech majoring in Physics from 1968-1969 then transfered to Cornell University with same major in Phisiscs graduated in 1972 with B.A degree. There after he attended University of Wisconsin earning his Phd degree in Physics





2006 - present Prof. Winn is CTO/Co-founder or nVizx which does research on solar cells transparent coatings, geometric avalanche optical detectors.

From 1995-2005 he was Chief Scientis at NanoSciences researching on SiMCP, diamond radiation detectors.

1987 - present ( Tenure in 1990) Professor of Physics and Chair of Physics department at University of Fairfield. Where he he teachies and does research on SSC, BNL E821 muon(g-2), LHC/CMS

1986 - 1987 Prof. Winn was Program Manager Accelerator Technology at Schlumberger-Doll Research where he did research on compact induction lilacs for geophysical borehole propecting

1981-1986 Asst. Professor at University of Harvard where he did teaching, and researched on Proton Decay and UA-1 pre-amps

1979-1981 Post Doctoral at University of Harvard Experimenting on Proton Decay



Selected Technology R&D under Research and Development at nVizx Corporation


Catheter fed contact microscopy Ultra-hard transparent coatings for glass and plastic, and as ultra-low index fiber claddings Novel room temperature nuclear gamma ray spectroscopy for medicine and analytics Novel neutron and gamma detector for homeland security and intelligence applications Ultra-filters

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